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A day in the life: Quarantine Style

Hi there! Quarantine sucks. There I said it. We all know it but I wanted to get it out of the way. It is super lamesuace and I think everyone has fought some form of grief and even depression due to social distancing. BUT, in spite of all of that I have found a way to fight the anxiety that accompanies this season of fear, and that is with gratefulness. I'm so incredibly thankful for my babies. They are a bright light in all of this. We've absolutely had our tough days with bad attitudes and lots of correcting behavior; but for the most part it's been nice spending so much more time together as a family. I'm encouraged when I think of how God is going to take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good. Yes I just quoted a song and you should totally go listen to it. "See a Victory" by Elevation Worship.

So our day in the life started with some banana chocolate chip muffins. The boys, especially Joshua, love to help me bake. We make these muffins A LOT.

There's usually non left by the end of the day unless I hide some for Chris. I like to think that one day when they're all grown up, they'll think of me whenever they eat a banana chocolate chip muffin. The littles played outside while Elijah had a zoom meeting with his 2nd grade class. He looks so big these days! Joshua had to get a photo with our cat Maggie. She's likes him best apparently. lol Rebekah loves to play inside of my linen closet and I'm so glad I got a shot of it. She's so fast and hardly does anything for very long. I got her to look at me by playing peek a boo. She thought that was pretty funny. It's an oldie but a goodie. We ended the day with a group bedtime story from Daddy. Another memory I hope is sealed in my children's minds as they grow. I had a lot more written but I'm a photographer, not a writer. I hope this sparks some joy, encouragment, or creativity in you. We may be going through this hard time but we get to choose how we react. And I for one choose joy. The enemy can't steal that from me. He'll absolutely try but I'm pretty stubborn. Be blessed and encouraged friends. We're going to get through this and God has something for you in the midst of it. He's got us. -Lindsay

Her brother told her she wasn't big enough to stir the batter. lol

Super moist muffins! I prefer not to use liners. We just grease the pan and the come out clean and perfect.


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