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Atoka H.S. Senior Portrait Session

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

There's not enough space to write about this wonderful young woman. I've known her since she was probably 6. She's always been a sweet, kindhearted, soft spoken girl. I can't believe she is graduating H.S.! Cara has long been a lover of all things to do with the arts. Her soul is drawn to it. A natural musician who also has a lovely voice. She plays the piano and the violin! Not to mention she is a fantastic up and coming photographer. She's been kind enough to assist me on a wedding last year and another one this June. Her work has progressed to a level that is better than people twice her age. But you won't ever hear her brag. I think it's obvious how much I adore this girl. She's stunningly beautiful with a compassionate heart. I was so honored that she would choose me to photograph her Senior portraits. Here are some of my absolute favorites. Enjoy! -Lindsay


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