• lindsayroode

Colin Senior 2016 H.S. Senior Photography

Colin has grown up around the Coast Guard ever since he was born. So I was not surprised by how respectful he was when we met for his session. When I asked his parents where he would like to have his session they mentioned baseball and; naturally him being a Coastie's kid we would have to do something on the water. Fall had only just begun but it was probably 40 degrees and felt colder b/c of the wind chill, but Colin was a trooper! He wore shorts out on the family boat so we could get some great sunset shots. The light was unbelievable and you would never guess that Colin was literally freezing. He is a serious athlete and plans on majoring in marine biology when he starts college in the fall of 2016. Whatever he does I'm sure he'll succeed; and who knows, maybe he'll join the Coast Guard! Here are some of my faves from Colin's shoot. Enjoy! -Lindsay


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