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Fresh 48 Session Durant, OK

Some of my favorite photos of the boys are from our first few days together in the hospital so it only stands to reason that I LOVE doing Fresh 48 sessions. Like a LOT! Mommy still has her glow and baby is so teeny tiny! Dad is usually tired. LoL But really, everyone is still riding that rush you get from bringing new life into the world. But not many parents have the energy to take photos of those first precious days in the hospital. What with all the check ins with the nurse and recovering the task can seem pretty daunting. So that's where I come in! We plan around your due date and I clear my schedule so I'll be free once baby arrives. Typically I'll let the new parents get a good night's rest (if possible) then come the next day to photograph them all together in their room. The session takes maybe 30 minutes at the most. It's probably the least stressful photo shoot you'll ever have done honestly. You don't have to worry about coordinating outfits, posing, location, etc. You just cuddle with your little one while I snap away. It's kind of amazing that I get to do this ya'll! I would be a dummy if I didn't share this latest session with you. Kendall and Lindsey have two older kiddos who are both gorgeous doll babies and brand new baby sister, Kenzie Sage, is no different! I was so happy to shoot these and I hope they will be a blessing to look back on as Kenzie grows into a lovely woman just like her Momma. Enjoy! XO, Lindsay


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