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Fun Senior Girl Session- Downtown Durant, OK

Any honest photographer will tell you that they get nervous before every shoot. Maybe Annie Leibowitz doesn't get nervous but I'm not talking about epic celebrity photogs who get paid the big bucks. I'm talking about us regular people. All kinds of things are going through my mind. Thoughts of did I grab my cards, to how can I help this person get comfortable in front of my camera. Every person is different. Some people it takes a good 30 minutes for them to get "warm" and others are naturals. I have no problem helping clients pose and feel at ease. It's part of the gig. But when someone is a born model and just knows what to do without me telling them it is incredibly fun. I get to think outside of the box and be really creative. We do silly stuff and basically just play. I forget that I'm working. This was one of those shoots. I could've kept shooting after the sun went down if I had remembered to bring my flash and stands. Jessica isn't just a natural in front of the camera she is an artist and has a style totally different from my own. She had some ideas for her session that were outside of my norm. Typically photographers try to stay away from harsh sunlight. As you will see here we didn't do that. We looked for the brightest places we could find. It was a blast to do something new and get outside of my comfort zone. Photography is so fun in that aspect. It doesn't have to be any one thing to be good. There are so many styles, tastes, and points of view. I hope you enjoy this one. -Lindsay

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