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ABOUT Lindsay

I've loved cameras since I was a kid. They were like magic to me. The fact that I could see something and then save it on print was a gift and a wonder. 

I've been a professional portrait photographer since 2010. But I feel like I've been a photographer of the heart for much longer. After my younger sister died in 1992 from terminal brain cancer I began to see things differently. Not just with my eyes but with my heart. People, places, and things looked different to me and I wanted to hold onto them or at the very least express my adoration. 
If you know me, you know that I say exactly what I'm thinking. Not in that brassy reality TV way. I mean that when I see a total stranger with gorgeous hair, I tell them so. I'm unencumbered by the fear of talking to someone I don't know. I may not know you from Adam but if I notice you, I tell you. I can't help it.
So for 13 years I've had the honor to not only notice people but to give them beautiful images of them and their loved ones.

That's probably a bit heavy for an about me. So here.
I also love coffee, singing at the top of my lungs to 1960's R&B, the color green, cooking, flying with my pilot husband, and adventuring on rainy days with my 3 kiddos. 

My website is a compilation of projects. People, places, and things that I notice. I hope this inspires you to see things differently and maybe speak a little light into someone's day when you notice them.



When it comes to photography I'm an amalgamation of education that includes college courses, hands on experience, mentoring, online learning, and good old fashioned dive in the deep end and figure it out. Like most photographers I've loved cameras and creating images since I was a child. I was the yearbook photographer at my H.S. and always sought out candid shots of the people at my school. I love faces and marvel at each individual person's beauty and how God made all of us so unique. I pray that I'm able to see people though God's eyes. Fresh, full of love and grace.

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