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Fall Minis!

Whenever people used to ask if I did mini sessions my default answer was "Sorry, nope!" They're a lot of work and I would get overwhelmed thinking of how to organize them. Being a true 9 on the eneagram, when I get overwhelmed I usually say "Peace out!" LoL My friend Serena, who is an amazingly talented designer and a 7 on the eneagram, said we should do a Fall mini session together! And just like that I decided to go for it. So Iris Design Consulting and I will be collaborating on a gorgeous Fall inspired mini session just for you! We're going to offer one day for now and if there's enough demand we'll open another future date. These will be great for anyone wanting a jump start on Christmas cards or simply needing to update their family portraits. Mini sessions are for couples, kids, and immediate families however, if you're looking for an extended family session feel free to contact me about booking a regular family session. Serena and I are super excited to be offering this to you! I'm only a little bit overwhelmed but enthusiastic! LoL We can't wait to see you! E-mail Serena at to book your session! *Additional info will be delivered once you'e reserved your session time.

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