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Real Estate Photography- Durant, OK

Does anyone else like to peruse real estate online listings or dream while looking at Air B&B photos? I do! I love to sit and flip through House Beautiful magazine when I have downtime and enjoy the combination of a well designed home captured with beautiful imagery. When we were still in the Coast Guard you have what we call transfer season. It's when you get orders to transfer or stay at your current station. It can be a nerve wracking time, especially if you have kids. Over the years we had friends transfer and need to sell their homes. They noticed that all the listing photos online through the agents were awful. Agent photos were not well lit with terrible angles shot with a point and shoot camera. Some friends asked if I could come take some professional real estate photos of their home to get people interested. It didn't hurt that my friend was a wonderful decorator but if you have bad photos it makes all the hard work and investment a bit of a wasted effort. I went and shot some photos and no joke my friends had their house under contract within the month. I became the go to person for people when it came time to transfer. Even when we sold our own little house, it was the photos that got people in the door. If you own a rental property you want potential renters to see the cozy bright rooms and features that set you apart from the competition. That's why it is so important to hire a professional to photograph your listing. Below is a prime example of what I do when I come into a home to shoot. You're going to love the images so much you'll change your mind and not sell your house they're so good. It's happened before. Enjoy! And if you ever need real estate photography just give me a call!


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